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Зарегистрирован: 13.11.2009
Сообщения: 1

СообщениеДобавлено: 2009-11-13, 15:53 Ответить с цитатойВернуться к началу

Сегодня получил забавный меседж. Подобные случаи нашел в сети, суммы разные. Желающие быстро разбогатеть будьте внимательны!

Hello ХХХ,
I have been in search of someone that bear this name "ХХХ", so when I saw your name I was pushed to contact you and see how best we can assist each other. I am Mr.Richard Nkruma a Banker here in GHANA. I believe it is destiny for me to come across your name on the internet. I have an important business discussion I wish to share with you which I believe will interest you because, it is in connection with your last name and you are going to benefit from it.
One Late Paul ХХХ a citizen of your country had a fixed deposit with my bank in 2005 for 36 calendar months, valued at US$10,500,000.00 (Ten Million, Five Hundred Thousand US Dollars) the due date for this deposit contract was this 16 of January 2007. Sadly Paul was among the death victims in the May 26 2006 Earthquake disaster in Jawa, Indonesia that killed over 5,000 people. He was in Indonesia on a business trip and that was how he met his end.
My bank management is yet to know about his death, I knew about it because he was my friend and I am his account officer.Paul did not mention any Next of Kin/ Heir when the account was opened, and he was not married and no children. Last week my Bank Management requested that I should give instructions on what to do about his funds, if to renew the contract.
I know this will happen and that is why I have been looking for a means to handle the situation, because if my Bank Directors happens to know that he is dead and do not have any Heir, they will take the funds for their personal use, so I don't want such to happen. That was why when I saw your last name I was happy and I am now seeking your co-operation to present you as Next of Kin/ Heir to the account, since you have the same last name with him and my bank head quarters will release the account to you.
There is no risk involved; the transaction will be executed under a legitimate arrangement that will protect you from any breach of law.
It is better that we claim the money, than allowing the Bank Directors to take it, they are rich already. I am not a greedy person, so I am suggesting we share the funds equal, 50/50% to both parties, my share will assist me to start my own company which has been my dream.
Let me know your mind on this and please do treat this information as TOP SECRET. We shall go over the details once I receive your urgent response strictly through my personal email address,(
We can as well discuss this on phone; let me have your telephone number and also know when you will be available to speak with me. Have a nice day and remain blessed.
Mr.Richard Nkruma
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Зарегистрирован: 17.04.2012
Сообщения: 6
Откуда: Москва

СообщениеДобавлено: 2012-04-17, 18:34 Ответить с цитатойВернуться к началу

О, тоже похожее приходило)))
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Зарегистрирован: 27.04.2012
Сообщения: 6
Откуда: Иркутск

СообщениеДобавлено: 2012-04-27, 18:37 Ответить с цитатойВернуться к началу

Ага, разбогатеешь тут
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Зарегистрирован: 29.04.2012
Сообщения: 9
Откуда: Москва

СообщениеДобавлено: 2012-04-29, 09:45 Ответить с цитатойВернуться к началу

Сейчас хуже реклама от самого скайпа - никак не отключить. А против лохотона может помочь только собственный мозг.
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